IsoForceControl® EVO2
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IsoForceControl® EVO2  
IFC IsoForceControl
IsoForceControl   Measuring of muscle power
The IFC analysis device was developed to measure muscle power during 3 or 5 seconds respectively and to determine the average value as well as fatigue. The power is measured ten times per second during the selected measuring period and is then integrated.


  • Low purchase price, minimal operational costs.
  • Very easy handling, no specific maintenance.
  • Applicable everywhere without extensive preparation (calibration, adjustment).
  • Operation with normal batteries (Type AM*, LR6, AA).
  • Precise measuring of applied power up to 400N (approx. 40kg/kp)
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The new development of the IsoForceControl is the IsoForceControl EVO2.

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  IsoForceControl® EVO2
IsoForceControl® EVO2
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